We’re True Blue when it comes to meeting your training and development needs!

In a move to bring our clients an elevated level of service and support and to expand their options and deliverables for training initiatives, Locus is now part of Bluewater, a Texas-based Learning and Talent Management consultancy.

This transition allows us to take learning and development to the next level, all the while staying true to our roots with an alignment with this like-minded organization and culture.

We live in a fast-paced and dynamic time. This exciting and incredible development puts Locus AND our clients on the fast-track to continued success.

Learning and talent leaders count on Bluewater to instill confidence, provide creative solutions, and deliver business results. We bring deep expertise and cross-platform knowledge to bear across system selection, implementation, administration, optimization, content development and reporting — forwarding your business outcomes and ensuring that you achieve long-term value.

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The Locus method hinges on 3 core elements of blended learning:

eLearning/Mobile Learning:

( Product Modules
( Skills-based Modules
( Clinical Library Apps
( Pre-work/Post-work Apps
( Games
( Audio Summaries
( LMS Integration

Sales Apps:

( Physician Education Apps
( eDetails
( Video Case Studies
( Electronic Resource Guides
( Competitive Intelligence Apps
( Patient Tutorials
( Scientific Presentations

Instructor Led Training (ILT):

( New Hire
( Product Launches
( Selling Skills
( Professional Development
( Leadership Development
( Webinar Training
( Virtual Classrooms

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